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Studio How It Works

How does it work? It's super easy...all I need is a rough version of your song recorded to a click and I'll do the rest. This guide track can be fully produced or hardly produced at all. I just need to get a sense of the overall vibe and have a clear outline of the form. Once I have a take that I think works, I'll send you an mp3 for your approval. I'll make any changes you'd like, send more mp3s for approval, and once we've agreed on a final take, I'll send you a link to download the files. It depends on my schedule at any given moment, but I can usually deliver your tracks within a day or two of receiving your guide track. I can provide the drums as processed or unprocessed as you'd like and in whatever file format works best for you. I can even mix them down to two tracks if that's what you need (although this does cost a bit extra). I usually close-mic every drum and use two overheads and two room mics, but I'm happy to conform to any specific micing requests you might have. I'd also be happy to communicate via audio/video conference or IM while I'm tracking so you can still have real-time production input.

I've found this setup to be beneficial in many ways:

Rather than spending money on renting a studio, paying an engineer, paying the drummer, and sometimes paying for the transportation of the drums as well, with this service you're only paying for one person's time and energy.

Dealing with a studio's schedule, an engineer's schedule, a drummer's schedule, AND your own schedule can quickly become a pain. With this service all you need to do is record your guide tracks and email them to me. If you'd like to "be there" for the tracking, that's fine, but basically you can sit back and let me do the work and great-sounding drum tracks will be delivered directly to your computer.

With literally my entire collection of drums, cymbals, and percussion here in my studio, I'm able to select instruments that I think will work best for your music. With vintage Ludwig and Slingerland kits or more modern-sounding Yamaha kits, pristine-sounding cymbals or trashy broken ones, beautiful handcrafted tambourines and shakers or homemade noisemakers, I'm able to authentically deliver whatever kind of sound we agree would work best. And I can easily change things up from song to song. In a traditional studio environment, changing out snares and cymbals from song to song is the norm, but anything beyond that is generally frowned upon. But here I can easily switch entire kits to fully custom tailor my drum sound for each song.

When using a commercial recording studio, I realize that you're not only paying for all the recording gear, but also for the space itself, which has been designed specifically for its acoustics. Alternatively, when working from most home studios, there simply isn't enough room to get a great drum sound. With my online drum studio, I've got that all taken care of! I'm in a great-sounding 400 square foot space with wood floors and high ceilings. With the help of several acoustic technicians, I've custom-placed the instruments, mics, and sound absorption and bass trap panels to fully maximize the already-great sound of the room. It's not cavernous, but I think it's a perfect space for getting a roomy yet still somewhat controlled drum sound. And with endless options of ambient and close-mic'ing techniques, I can custom tailor the sound however you feel would be appropriate.

In a commercial studio environment, time is literally money, and I often find that a lot is left undone when the drum tracking is complete. Traditionally, you'll get a few complete takes of drums on each song, maybe with some punch-ins here and there, and then have to edit all the best parts together after the fact. If you'd prefer to get a few takes and do the editing yourself, I can certainly do that for you, but I can also put together a perfect take for you so there's no editing you'll have to do on your own. I also find that percussion is usually an afterthought. Usually left to the end of the session, you either run out of time and skip the percussion entirely or just quickly record a few tambourines or shakers for good measure. After a long day of recording, those percussion performances are never that great, and there again you're left to do a lot of editing to get it all sounding good with the drums. Here, I can take the time to get good sounds on all the percussion and deliver inspired performances that will really help your music sound great. You'd be surprised what the right tambourine sound and performance can do for a song!

While I love working out of commercial recording studios and still do it all the time, the whole process can sometimes be a bit taxing. Despite the bottomless pots of coffee and cupboards filled with tea, getting to the studio, setting up the drums, waiting for the mics to get set up, getting the sounds diled in, and THEN having to deliver inspired's not always the most conducive of environments. Here, I've got everything ready to go and know what needs to change with the recording gear when I switch drums, so while I now bear the burden of being the engineer as well as the drummer, the whole process is much more relaxed and I'm allowed to focus more intently on being creative and delivering some killer drum tracks. And in the end, that's absolutely the most important thing of all...getting a creative and inspired performance.

Why should you use my online drum recording service? I know there are other options out there, but I believe there are lots of qualities that set my service above the rest. Most importantly, I can guarantee you'll be happy with the performance itself. Take your time and listen to all the audio examples of my playing here on the site. I promise to deliver a unique and inspired performance on every song. This isn't a factory here, churning out bland, emotionless drum tracks...I spend time with each project I work on to create something genuine and I like to think that you can really hear the difference. Sonically, you'll get drum tracks that sound every bit as good as what you hear from the world's best recording studios. I'm not recording in my bedroom or basement. This is a dedicated studio set up specifically for recording drums, and you definitely can hear the difference. My prices are very competetive and I don't nickle and dime you with add-on charges for extra revisions or percussion tracks or extra editiing. My prices are all-inclusive, so you pay me once and rest assured that I'll deliver everything you need. Lastly, I do consider it a bit strange to be here in my studio, by myself, recording drums for people thousands of miles away, so I make every effort to keep you involved and collaborate as much as possible. This is YOUR music we're working on, and I never dismiss that fact. I won't settle for anything less than your satisfaction.

Again, check out the AUDIO link to the left to hear some stuff I've done here in my studio. And if you want to hear more of my playing on projects I've recorded elsewhere, click on the LISTEN link above. Enjoy!

Prices vary depending on what you have in mind. Please use the CONTACT page to inquire about scheduling and rates. Or just say hello... I hope to hear from you!